I am “rumput liar”. You can’t remove or destroy me. But, I can remove and destroy you if you interfere my life. Give me your little smile and I will give you my best smile. It is so simple. My way is my miracle. I am a miracle…

Yuhpz….. ^^ this is me and my wonderful life

My real name is Rizka Putri Wijaya and you can call me “rizka” or “rizuka” 😀 I love this name. Of course my parents give this name for many reasons. You know what that mean “wijaya” in my name???? 😮 Wijaya is from “vijaya” (sansekerta language) is mean glory ^^ and “rizka” is from “rezeki” (arabic) but, there one reason why my name was rizka. But it’s a t-o-p  s-e-c-r-e-t 😀 ahahahahaha

I love all about Rath Iruzer *,* anythings, this is Rath Iruzer, and his friends


I was born at 1st October 1990 in Rembang, Central Java, Indonesia. I have 2 brothers. One of them have married and have a child ^^ (ye…… I have a niece. Her name is Kanaya)

Now, I’m college at Semarang State University in History Department. I love history *,* but I more interested in Hinduism-Budhism history, and more 😀

Want to know more about me????? So let’s check this blog and my other cyber world everytimes ^^

please follow my twitter account @rathiruzer or

my facebook account Rizka Si Rath Iruzer or

my skype account in rizka_iruzer

so…. please enjoy in my world and IRRASHAIMASU ^O^/


this is my home sweet home ^^


2 thoughts on “About

  1. aniez says:

    i love rumput liar ,,,,
    miss to visit your home … aaaaaa 😀

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